Sun: 8:15 am
M / Th: 6:45 am
Tu / W/ F: 6 & 7 am
Shabbos: 8:30 am

Mincha / Maariv
Sun - Th: pm
Late Maariv: 9:00 pm
Friday: pm

: pm


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9550 E. Belleview Ave.
Greenwood Village
CO 80111
303.290.9191 (fax)


Our Mission

Aish Denver is a new, vibrant and contemporary center for Jewish life and learning. We offer something for anyone wishing to spiritually strengthen themselves, their family and the Jewish people.

At Aish Denver,

We seek to build a warm-hearted community,

Inspiring partnership,
(To understand that it is our personal responsibility to make a difference to the Jewish people)

So that every Jew can experience the joy of Jewish living,

To learn,
(To gain the wisdom of the Jewish people, the Torah)

To grow,
(To use this wisdom to become better Jews in our behavior and character. We do not expect any individual to assume a particular level of religious observance. On the contrary, we provide the opportunity for each person to grow at their own pace, and in their own way)

To bring honor to G-d.

Our Mission

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